Sri Sri Anumahaprabhu Mandir, Manipur Old Palace


Manipuri Culture

Sri Sri Anu Mahaprabhu, of Lord Gouranga Mahaprabhu in manipuri style have been installed in the year of 1798 at Teghari Mouza of Nabadwip by Rajarshi Bhagya Chandra Singh Maharaja ( 1759-62 & 1762-98 ).
Rajarshi Bhagya Chandra also known as king Joy Singh, Chingthong Khomba Maharaja, and Karta Maharaja possessed a very deep religious faith for the Vaishnava Philosophy and way of life and in the Hinduism as inculcated in the Purana ( Sri Mad Bhagabat ). He was follower of Gou-diya Vaishnava doctrine of Kheturi Vaishnava Convention (1581) documented by Sri Narottam Tha-kur, Acharya Srinivas and Shyamananda as per Instruction of Goswamis of Vrindavan.He was spiritual membership of Narottam Thakur and disciple of Achariya Paramananda. He instaled Sri Govinda Jew and Radharani in Manipur on (1767) and introduce at first the Manipuri Ras a dance on 1779 wherin his daughter Sijalaiongbi (Princess Bimbabati) acted the part of Radha in Rasa dance. From his time the meitei Brahmanical- Vaishnava atmosphere have been prevailed in Manipur.
Rajarshi collected all this information by sending his uncle Ananta Sai and Prince Chourajit Singh at Nabadwip in the year of 1793 & 1794 respectively. He settled for going Pilgrimage with intension mainly for installation of deity of Lord Gouranga Mahaprabhu in Nabadwip. For this purpose and idol of Lord Gouranga Mahaprabhu was made in Manipur In the year of 1794 as per divine command of Lord Sri Sri Govinda Jew received in a dreamt by Princess Bimbabati (Sija Laiongbi). The name the idol have been given β€œ Anu Mahaprabhu β€œ.The image built by command i.e Anumati of Lord Sri Sri Govinda Jew, so Name of deity of Lord Sri Gouranga has renamed β€œAnu Mahaprabhu ” in manipuri style.
The descendent of Maharaja Chourajit Singh are performing the worship of SriSri Anu Mahaprabhu at
Manipur Puraton Rajbari, Nabadwip till to this date.
The descendents are:-
(1) Rajkumar Ranajit Singh (President),
(2) RajkumarTikendrajit Singh, (Secretary)
(3) Rajkumar Somorendra Singh,
(4) Rajkumar Mangisana Singh,
(5) Rajkumar Rajendrajit Singh,
(6) Rajkumar Dhananjoy Singh
(7) Rajkumar Jagatjit Sigh,
(8) Rajkumar Bijoy Singh
(9) Tarun Singh

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